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इस किताब को पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें || JAGATHITKARNI - FOR THE WELFARE OF THE WORLD Book available online in both HINDI and ENGLISH version

Welcome To World's Website

Whole world's brothers and sisters are being welcomed to the web of Anupdashji. This book is written by Anupdashji is for the welfare of the world and to save people of the world.This book is yours,Ours and for all.Read it, Understand it and come forward for the welfare of the world.
Please Notice it :-
This book is delivered free from the first publication to till now.It's costs nothing Because it is written by the Anupdashji for the walfare of the world and to save the people of the world.
This book is yours and ours priceless monument and can find costless on website.So you read more and more and keep safely after downloading.But don't try to print and sell without asking our institute.otherwise you will be responsible for its reaction.It is only a one book written by Anupdashji.It was printed on 17th April 1909 by Anupdashji from his own press for the welfare of the world.As a model of that time can be found in chhawani Eranpura.Please notice that the original model office chhawani eranpura is presently in existance, and this book is shown on a website for the world's welfare. So we request that anybody person, Institute,Group and else don't try to change and copy for his selfishness.

Translation of the above paragraph in HINDI